• Retro Classic 001 205/75 R14 95S WSW 20mm

    Retro Classic 001 ( 165 R15 86H WSW 20mm )

    Hinta: 85,30€

    4 kpl: 341,2€

    Rengastyyppi: Kesärenkaat

    Valmistaja: Retro

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    Mallin merkinnät: 205/75 R14 95S WSW 20mm

    Nopeusluokka: S, eli suurin sallittu nopeus 180km/h

    Rakenne: R, eli vyörengas (radial). Lähes kaikissa renkaissa käytetty rakennetyyppi.

    Muuta tietoa: Retro Classic – A brand for vintage cars With the Retro Classic brand ,we offer a wide range of profile sizes for vintage enthusiasts. To complement chrome and sheet metal in style, the classic white wall is of course also a must. In this way, the vintage car character is retained and the modern production guarantees safety at the same time. Produced in modern factories, Retro Classic aims to maintain the classic look of the tyres while contributing to the heritage of the automobile. The Classic 70 and Classic 80 series are designed exclusively for the 70s and 80s vintage cars and have a matching tread design that completes the overall impression. The size portfolio covers many vintage car tyre dimensions.